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The Real Reason People Hire Contractors

The Real Reason People Hire Contractors

One of the most terrifying experiences, for many property owners, is to wake up in the middle of the night with a home emergency in progress. Flooding is one such problem that can really shake people up. Another might be animals burrowing into their home, the sounds of which wake them up in the middle of the night by alerting their presence. Dealing with this problem can be very troublesome as often people have no idea what to do to solve these problems, particularly so if they are not of the DIY variety. This is just one example of when hiring a contractor is a good idea, here are a few more:

To Solve Problems

The real reason people hire plumbers, electricians, pest control, painters, or any other contractors is that they have a problem they need to be solved that they cannot solve themselves. Sometimes people hire contractors because they just don’t have the time to solve these problems either. Ever had to unclog a sink drain when your plunger won’t solve the problem? If so you’d understand what goes into this task and know that either you have what it takes, or you don’t whether it’s skill or time. Hiring a contractor can be a simple way to fix the problem when you don’t have enough time, skill, or patience for the task.

To Get The Job Done Right

contractor cleaning windows in a toronto property

Another common reason to hire a contractor is simply that a task is too difficult, or tedious to do properly. One of our friends who is a window cleaner can relate to this; window cleaning is one such task that seems easy, but when people with no experience attempt to take on this work they can end up with a streaky¬†mess. Many home repairs, upgrades, or maintenance tasks are skilled based, many property owners can learn those skills with enough practice and/or experience. Though many tasks remain that are best left to professionals to make sure the job is done properly this is particularly the case when a job if performed incorrectly will lead to serious damage or harm. For example, we don’t suggest that a novice attempt to upgrade or install their HVAC system. You don’t want a problem in this area if the task is not done properly.

Fix The Problem Quickly

Hiring a contractor is a great way to get the job done in a timely manner. While some tasks are DIY friendly, many people just do not have the time necessary to do the work. Hiring a professional in these circumstances allows them to get their problem fixed quickly without having to put their life on pause. Whether it’s a leaking faucet, water damage that needs to be repaired, or something else – a contractor will get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Top Toronto Flood Prevention Devices Explained by a Plumber

Top Toronto Flood Prevention Devices Explained by a Plumber

sump pit in the basement of a toronto homeHome flooding is a serious problem, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area. Many homes in Mississauga and Toronto have experienced major flooding issues resulting in millions of dollars of damage. It is important that flood prevention be taken seriously to correct the most common problems that result in home flooding. We managed to speak with a Toronto, ON plumber in the area and able to get an explanation of what areas homeowners need to pay attention to concerning preventing floods.

Backwater Valve

A backwater valve is one of the most important devices that all Greater Toronto Area homes should have installed. It is a very simple valve and installation does not require extensive excavation.

The backwater valve connects to the homes main drain and allows for the travel of drain contents to the municipal storm sewer. Storm sewers being overwhelmed by rainwater have caused a common reason for basement flooding in Greater Toronto Area. This rainwater backs up into the homes basement causing extensive flooding. The backwater valve is a simple device that closes once the flow of water is backing up into the home, thus preventing basement flooding from occurring.

Many homes in GTA now have these valves installed, but many still do not, it is incredibly important that homeowners install these valves to prevent flooding from occurring.

Sump Pump

A sump pump is also a very important device that many homes require particularly in the GTA area. Essentially, they bail out water that has built up near the foundation of a home preventing flooding from occurring as a result of a rising water table.

The method of installation is fairly simple. A sump pit is dug out into the basement of a home. Often a weeping tile system is setup next to the homes foundation, essentially this is a large pipe with holes that allows water to collect inside of it, and this water is then diverted to the sump pit. Once water accumulates in the sump pit, it begins to fill up. Often a sump pump has a special floating activation lever. As the water level rises, it eventually triggers the sump pump, which then pumps water out of the sump pit.

Quite a number of homes in the GTA have sump pumps installed, though many homes still do not have a proper sump pump setup. It is a device many homes should have be installed that are prone to flooding due to a high water table.

Tiny Home Tips from Whitby Landscaping Pros

Tiny Home Tips from Whitby Landscaping Pros

There is such an influx of tiny homes these days that many people are wishing to improve the look of such spaces, one awesome way to take care of this work is through a landscaping revamp. It can easily be a challenge to come up with landscape design ideas for these small properties and/or even small yards in cramped spaces. This is particularly the case in dense urban areas such as old developed cities. However, do not fret, we spoke with a pro Whitby landscaping company that gave us a wealth of knowledge and we’re passing that info on to you! We’ve detailed a number of secrets to take your landscape to the next level.

Improve Usability of your Space

tiny home after whitby landscaping serviceA small space is not going to be big enough to hold a detailed play structures or sports area, or even a large space for entertaining. So don’t count on turning your outdoor space into a kitchen. Nevertheless, you can still turn a small outdoor space into a lovely place. Nice enough to chill out on the weekends and enjoy any downtime you may luckily have.

Rather than creating a space that’s used once in a while, take some consideration to make the space one that you might use on a regular, for instance as a place to sit and have a coffee or to sit and meditate. This way your time and energy put towards this area will make it an area that is utilized more often. A little bit of thought can turn even the most depressing of space into a great landscaping spot. Remember, designing a spot that you use regularly is the key.

Think Vertically

Building a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy can be a very challenging task when working with limited space. One great concept is to think vertically rather than horizontally – or in other words, think up and not out. Building your space up is much more viable rather than building it out. Consider tiered plants and shrubs to create a truly lush retreat when working with a small space. Water features are another great way to add classy style and provide a way to irrigate plants and trees. Minimal furniture is another way to allow your small landscaping space to shine.

Edible Whitby Landscaping

One area of landscaping that is exploding like a supernova is foodscaping. Using containers and tiered spaces to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and other edible plants. This is a great way to make your landscape design even more functional. Combining  fantastic design with functionality is so important Рso take this one to heart.

If you are not sure where to start, your best bet is to contact a local Whitby landscaping professional that can help you to plan the best landscape possible. A true expert will be able to examine your space and give you a fantastic solution.